Parent and baby (6-24 months)

Parent and baby classes are designed to be playful, which allows babies to relax and enjoy themselves while increasing their confidence and independence in the water. Studies have shown, babies who have been swimming the first two years of their lives develop their psychomotor skills, strengthen the cardio-respiratory system and develop a greater sense of their surroundings. Create a stronger bond with your child as you share new and rewarding experiences together!

Toddler to Preschool

Building on water safety skills and water confidence. Different level classes cater for different stages of development. Whether transitioning from parent and baby classes or introducing the inexperienced child to water, the aim of these classes is to be able to safely enter and exit the water and build towards basic stroke introduction. You toddler, preschooler will experience a whole new underwater world and gain important swimming foundations.

School Age

In our school age swim programs, children are assessed and placed in groups according to ability rather than solely age. Water safety is a key to every lesson building towards correct stroke development.  As your child begins to master their strokes, you will notice their confidence grow and fitness improve.

Introduction to Squads

Building on your child’s developed strokes, our introduction to squad program offers a transition to our bronze, silver and gold squad levels. Careful ‘fine tuning’ of strokes, building of stamina and strength ensures your child will have a strong foundation prior to moving on to a more competitive environment.


Whether your child wishes to improve their competitive edge or increase their fitness, squads are a great workout for the whole body including the brain!

Adult Fitness Squads

Did you know swimming stimulates chemicals in the brain and releases stress-reducing hormones and endorphins? That’s why the majority of people hop out of the pool feeling healthier and happier than when they got in. What better reason to join our adult fitness squads. Why should your children have all the fun?